18th Century Sea Fortress or 21st century Pokestop?


img_8824It’s been just over a month since arriving in Helsinki and after a few visits to Senate Square, the market square and nearby malls a group of us exchange students decided it was time for a change! So a few weekends ago we decided to venture out and visit a more unusual location, a sea fortress!

Suomenlinna is a 15 minute boat ride from Helsinki harbour and home to beautiful 18th century buildings and roads as well as Finland’s last remaining submarine. The world UNESCO heritage sight, although, is today more commonly recognised as a popular PokeStop among tweens and teenagers. I marvelled at the absolute contrast in time that you see – 12 year old boy catching an animated character on his phone, standing next to a cannon used in battle hundreds of years ago!

Apart from that odd fact, Suomenlinna is a beautiful historic sight that anyone who travels to Helsinki must visit! Although the cobblestone-paved walking paths aren’t the most comfortable to walk on the beautiful buildings and bridges they lead to more than make up for tired feet. If you do end up going here, don’t miss the panoramic views of Helsinki harbour from King’s Gate. The island is pretty small and can be explored in just about and hour and a half or so. It’s the perfect place for a picnic or a relaxing escape as it’s so close to the city.






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