‘Just in case’ makeup

It has been a long time since a post featured on here but rest assured I’m back and armed with ideas and inspiration for new content – exciting times! So we’re kicking things off with today’s post, which is dedicated to a few all-star products that made the cut to my week long holiday to Melbourne last month.

Since I was only there for six days I limited my self to six items (well seven if you count the brush 😉 ) because that’s only fair! Now, I admit I’m not the most dedicated makeup wearer but while on holiday I like to take a few bits and bobs – these I call the ‘just in case’ products. You know just incase you meet a charmer, or get invited to a glamorous party, or suddenly have to… you get the point!  Don’t be fooled while this may look like an excuse to pack unnecessary stuff, the ‘just in case’ list only included the best of the best – these are basically multi-purpose and compact products.

Kate for Rimmel Lipstick in No. 12 – This Rimmel lipstick is one of my favourite ‘drugstore’ lipsticks and that’s simply because of its formula. Pigmentation is on point with this baby. The shade is a coral/orange-red and since it’s so moisturising it looks great as a blush and a lip stain.  I took it on holiday because it’s a versatile red and at the end of the day nothing speaks glamour than a good ol’ red lippy.

MAC Moisturecover Concealer in NC35 – Great skin is always a must. The light formulation of the select moisturecover concealer works splendidly well with my dry, sensitive skin. The yellow tone in the concealer cancels out any redness on the cheeks and also does a decent job at covering up those pesky panda circles! It’s also super tiny so it was an obvious choice.

Sleek Blush and Contour Kit in Medium – Although this guy is the bulkiest of the lot, it has three of the most beautiful cheek shades. The darkest colour works well as a contour and with a light touch can also be doubled as a bronzer. The middle shade is a superb Kardashian-esque highlighter perfect for the evenings or even as a wet-look eyeshadow. And the third shade,  a rusty orange with golden shimmers, adds a pump of colour to a dull morning face. The iridescent gold in this blush also gives a highlighted effect.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush – The obvious choice for applying the two products mentioned above.

L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes – One of the best mascara’s on the market. Read more about it here 

Clinique Limited Edition eyeshadow palette – Although this particular palette is limited edition, just a simple combination of day-to-night eyeshadows are always nice to travel with.

Simple Eye-Makeup Removing wipes – What goes on must come off, and the range by Simple just does it for me. I’ve tried so many makeup wipes in the past including MAC ones (which by far were the worst, they stung my eyes badly) but the Simple ones just have the softest cloth and a lot of moisture, and above all don’t sting!

Share your favourite ‘just incase’ travel picks, I’d love to read them 🙂



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