Wishlist | August 14

This winter has really got me into outerwear. Whether it be leather jackets, waterfall coats or duster coats, I have totally been sold on the fab designs I’ve been seeing around!
Now if you asked 18 year old me, just last winter, one fashion item I loath, then I would have said ankle booties! Well, new year, new me I guess, because this year I have been all about the boot! Leather ankle booties are a staple classic for any woman I believe (ha ‘believe’ she says! Big statements considering I am a recent convert!) Ankle boots with a small heel are where it’s at if you’re new to the game!
I have also been lusting over dainty jewelry, particularly necklaces! I have been obsessed with the look of a sun-kissed décolletage draped with a gold coin dot necklace! Clearly I’m already yearning for summer thanks to my Insta feed being flooded with babes in the Mediterranean! #SouthernHemisphericproblems.
Moving on… I saw a girl at Uni the other day with a Welly watch and remembered how I wanted one for so long that I forgot about it ha ha!  Since last year watches have been an accessory that have really found their place in my everyday uniform (refers to the ‘go-to’ clothes)! Whenever something new makes it in my uniform, it is a big deal, more so if it is an accessory since I’m a shirt, cardi, jeans and sneakers kinda girl day in and out! So yeah, really want that bad boy!
Finally tapered-baggy-ish-cigarette pants! Now having thick thighs, it’s hard to find the perfect pair that both drape and accentuate the legs! Again these pants are inspired by a fellow Uni-goer! She’s tall and thin so it seems perfect on her, I on the other hand am short and stumpy, so the search for the perfect drapey-cigarette pants continues! But when I do find them oh boy will they become part of the uniform!
Till later, lots of love!
Untitled #749

Trench coat
$215 – trenery.com.au

Mango coat

Monki faux leather boots
$60 – monki.com

BARONI chain jewelry
– Anuja

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