Five wardrobe staples

Recently, I carried out a huge spring wardrobe clean-out. In the process of getting rid of a lot of the clothes I had outgrown, both in size and taste, I realised the pieces that I was left with were my wardrobe staples. These are the items that are my go-to pieces that can be incorporated in multiple outfits. I highly recommend a clear out every now and then, not only because it’s good to start fresh, but also because it means now you have more room for shopping!

These are my top five wardrobe essentials. Staples are always subjective to each person’s style, but I do believe my staples are pretty generic and good guidelines if you’re clueless as to where to begin. Tip: I also recommend spending on your staples and saving on the trendy pieces.

First and foremost, stripes. These are the secret to looking effortless. Think Olivia Palermo, Lauren Conrad and Alexa Chung; these ladies all with different styles nonetheless rule the category. With stripes it’s one of those items that you don’t need to splurge on. Even striped tops found from Kmart can look expensive. The key i think to looking put-together, chic and timeless is to pick stripes that have a white base to them. So instead of going with pink and orange, or blue and green, go for either of those colours paired with white. ALSO don’t be afraid of the myth, horizontal stripes make you look fat, because coming from a girl with wide hips, let me tell you, that most definitely IS a myth.

Available at Glassons

High-waisted jeans are my life! They suck you in, lift your booty up and also elongate your legs; what more does a girl need?! I only recently jumped on the bandwagon, and seriously I don’t know what took me so long! If you aren’t used to the fit they will feel uncomfortable for the first four or five wears. But after a soak in some cold water and a few wears, a good pair will stretch out, at the most half a size, and then totally feel like second skin.

American Apparel

Cardigans. I live, breathe, eat and sleep in cardigans. I’m obsessed. These are the one staple that are true to my style, and may not be the most generic staple for everyone to go and buy. In saying that, I do still recommend it, if you don’t mind being called a granny every now and then that is. I’m a porud wearer of the cardigan, the more granny like, the better. When it comes to cardigans and basically any other clothing, I’m a neutrals girl. I love me some grey, beige, grey-ige, black, white and best of all navy. Navy is like that one colour that’s my black alternative, its dark but not as boring as black.

No staples list is complete without the mention of either the Little Black Dress or the Little White Dress. For me it’s the little black dress. These dresses in a cut that suits flatters your figure, make for the perfect no-brainer outfit. Personally, I love a black dress in a skater style, as this styles allows for an array of looks. You can conceal the top-half and make it seem like a skirt by popping on a crop top or blouse over. You can pair it with a leather jacket, or my personal favourite, a cardigan, or on its own. These are again ones you don’t necessarily have to splurge on, seeing as I bought mine for $15 at Glassons a year or two ago, and its still going strong.

Available at ASOS

V-necks that are longer in the front and back but not the sides, yes I’m very precise with my tops, are my last essential. Shirts with a hem line that mimics the shape of a v-neck instantly draw the attention inward and make you instantly appear narrower. These shirts are hard to find, as mostly they tend to have a straight hem line or the dated hi-low effect, but once you do, trust me they’ll become your holy grail. In no time, you will have all the colours and patterns that top comes in.

Available at Dotti Au and NZ

– Anuja



  1. Great advice!! 🙂 These are all definitely essential essentials 😉 ❤

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