Snappy Review | Queen

The story tells the journey of Rani (Kangana Ranaut) who gets dumped by her fiancé and but still decides to travel on her honeymoon all by herself. This movie paired with English Vinglish would be a great girl power line up for a Saturday night in! Many people have compared Queen to Sridevi’s hit but honestly the similarity, even if present, is insignificant.

Photo Credit | Wikipedia

The story is simple but still packs a punch as its not only entertaining but also empowering. This movie unlike other contemporary Bollywood ‘comedies’ actually has a base line message and the humour is far from the loud and slapstick common to this cinematic genre (personally the last seven or so years have seen the most tragic Bollywood comedies). Queen  is a step forward for women in Indian cinema and with a nation so driven by the movies, it’s a ray of hope for society’s outlook on women’s independence.

Bottom line: this movie will make you feel one of two things; make you fall in love with Ms Ranaut or 2) make you want to pack your bags (get dumped?) and leave for a country that is foreign to you in every sense of the word.


– Anuja


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