Multi-Use beauty

The smaller the fuss, the greater my happiness. Same mantra applies to the beauty goods – haha ground breaking stuff.
I love me some products that can be used for multiple things at once.
So here are three of my favourite multi purpose beauty goodies!


Get Matte

Translucent powder is not only great for de-slicking your face makeup, but also works wonders as a primer and mattifier for your eyes and lips. Applying a tiny bit of concealer or foundation over your eyelids and setting it with some powder will not only give you a colour-corrected base, but will also create a barrier that prolongs the wear of your eye-makeup. Translucent powders are also great to turn a sheen-y lipstick into one that is matte and that will stay on your lips all day and night. I learnt this from makeup queen Lisa Eldridge. She suggests applying a thin coat of lipstick, blotting the lips with tissue, and while doing so dusting some powder over the tissue, to give a matte finish without changing the colour/opacity of your lipstick. A couple layers and I can assure you,  you won’t be worrying about your lipstick bleeding, smudging or disappearing!

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder

Get Blushy

Moisturising lipstick formulas can be wonderful not only to apply on your lips, but also on your cheeks and eyelids for a uniform and refreshing look. Applying the lipstick and then tapping the same colour on your cheeks can not only tie a look together, but also be super useful for touch ups. Orange-bronze, browns and bronze tones can also be used on the eyelids and the temples of your forehead, in addition to the cheeks. This is a tip I use almost regularly as it is super easy, faff free and incredibly effective.

From top: Kate Moss for Rimmel in no. 12, Rimmel As You Want Victoria and Maybelline Electric Fuschia (LE)

Get Balmy

Now Vaseline has a hundred and one different uses, but apart from its practical uses, it can serve as a great beauty saviour. There are so many uses that I’d rather list them!

  • Rub a little bit of Vaseline on the back  and sides of your foot to avoid painful blisters from new shoes or high heels.
  • Smooth fly-aways by dipping an eyebrow spoolie and lightly brushing over the hairs.
  • It can be used as a highlighter on the tops of your cheek bones for a dramatic sheen that is glitter and shimmer free, or apply it on your eyelids for that editorial-plastic-y look – you know the one!
  • Mix in a shimmery bronze eyeshadow and apply on the middle of your legs and arms for a slimmer, tanner and flawless appearance
  • Take the tiniest amount and rub it over your teeth to avoid lipstick transfer
Age old Vaseline!

There are plenty more, just Google and be amazed!
Any who, for now that’s all, hope you have a lovely week! xx

– Anuja


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