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About Elly is a drama(/thriller?) and revolves around a group of friends from Tehran who decide to spend their weekend by the seaside. Everything is off to a great start when suddenly Elly (played by Taraneh Alidoosti) goes missing. The story that unfolds is cemented by a thread of lies that is warranted by each character’s personality or situation.

It most definitely is a beautiful movie supported by a backbone of brilliant performances and cinematography. The actors are so good that at times, you forget you’re watching a movie! Without giving too much away, the movement of the story picks speed after the first twenty minutes, and brings about a great twist in the story. While the story is simple, the realistic storytelling and direction makes it captivating.

All I felt was missing was the story behind Elly – if only they illustrated more about her or given her a mysterious background, then the ending would have been enchanting, it would have haunted the audience – but I understand that is not what the story wanted to portray, it aimed to show realism!

I highly recommend catching this Iranian film to watch a story based around a complicated scenario that gets entangled in a series of fibs, and is portrayed by an exceptionally talented cast and crew.


– Anuja


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